The journey begins

Welcome to the start of the Indiesaas journey

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Mubashar Iqbal
Dec 31, 2018

In 2017 I documented building a project that I was building for the Product Hunt hackathon.

The posts, which I turned into a publication on Medium, where very well received. Although people have told me they learned a lot from reading my posts, I think I learned just as much, if not more.

As I thought about my plans for 2019, I decided I wanted to document more of what I do.

Rather than just documenting how to build a project, I wanted explore more about what came after the initial MVP.

Having just completed ICYMI in a similar hackathon, I thought it was could serve as a good subject for my documentation process.

Moving beyond the MVP

Although I finished building the MVP of ICYMI in November and have been using it regularly ever since, I purposefully have not updated the code itself.

Starting in January I will start the process of revisiting what I have built, and start to enhance the application. I will also start to market the service, and grow the user base.

Sharing with the readers everything I am trying, successful for not. These updates, will come in the form of blog posts, podcast episodes, or live streaming.

Additional projects

ICYMI won't be the only thing I'll be building as part of the Indiesaas journey.

I've already decided on adding Tribe Help, and Laravel Startup to the mix in the coming months, more details to come.

Follow along

Thank you to everyone that read about me making a side project, and hope you enjoy my Indiesaas journey.

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— Mubs