Short, medium and long term goals

What I am doing, and when

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Mubashar Iqbal
Jan 3, 2019

When bootstrapping time is typically the most limiting factor.

It is important to make the best use, of the little time we have available.

This year I'm trying to keep the short, medium and long term in mind as I plan what to do.

Short term

Measured in hours or days at most 1 week

Short-term is the things you do each day move you towards medium and long-terms goals. The actual things that will allow you to ship new products, new features, or grow your existing products.

I do not typically have a TODO list with an itemized break down of everything I need to do, I have a goal and work towards it.

Off course, it is ok if the things you do in the short-term, take you away from your medium and long-term goals.

A short-term distraction can often be a good thing. A break from the normal routine can help recharge the batteries and help motivate you towards the long-term goals.

Many of my short-terms goals this year will revolve around hackathons, public ones or my personal one.

As I have tweeted, I want to build a small collection of tools for my own personal use, to help make me more productive or just something that scratches my own itch. I have various Twitter tools in mind that will help me better manage my social media footprint.

While these may not directly impact the long-term goals they will indirectly.

Medium term

Measured in weeks or months at most 6 months

These are typically the things I want to ship.

New products, new features or things to grow the projects I've already shipped.

Since these goals have anywhere from a 1 week to 6 month target, they goals will be some what vauge. Things will become more concrete as I think about the short-terms goals to achieve them.

Long term

Measured in months or years at least 6 months

These are the things I want to achieve. I'm not listing revenue targets: one time or recurring revenue numbers.

Financial targets are important, more so for other people who are looking to replace their job with their side projects, but my goals have always been a little different than most.

This is the impact I want to have. Why am I building Indiesaas and the mark I wish it to leave.

These goals are going to be a little hard to quantify and measure, but I'll do my best.


I'm publishing the current goals here, and will update them as I reach them, or decide to pivot.

There will be a log of the goals, so I can see what I've done and how the goals change over time.

— Mubs