Recap 004: Helping makers

Less time for my own stuff 👍

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Mubashar Iqbal
Mar 03, 2019

For the last few weeks I've been helping others makers, which slows things down a bit from my personal projects, but falls directly in line with my goal of helping more makers.

Playing nice with others

I had the chance to work with Hiten Shah on the build of an MVP of new service he is launching this week.

My friend Seth Louey, introduced me to Nathan Latka, and we worked together to build an MVP for an idea Nathan had been noodling with. No public launch date yet, but we have a functioning prototype that Nathan is using.

Both projects where right in my wheelhouse. Nathan and Hiten had ideas, but not much past that. I was able to work with them to refine those idea's into something that could be built quickly.


The common theme here was that the connections where made on Twitter. There is a long line of people that I've met and worked with as a result of being on Twitter.

I've been a long user and fan of Twitter, and have tried to build applications to enhance the platform.

I have been put off with the API restrictions that Twitter has placed on people using their platform, but as I continue to see such great benefit from being on Twitter, I am rethinking my reservations.

While I won't be building tools for large numbers to use, I will be building tools that allow me make more effective use of the platform.

I'll again be focusing on building tools for myself, that some other may find useful, but my goal is primarily to build them for myself. A prime example is a Twitter based CRM that others have mentioned, but nothing I've found has worked exactly how I wanted it too.

This is similar to what I did with ICYMI, there certainly are plenty of social media automation tools, but none worked exactly how I wanted to work with, so I built my own.

Startup Weekend

As my involvement with the projects for Nathan and Hiten start to wind down, I'll have more time to return to my own projects.

I have signed up from a new Startup Weekend event happening in Troy at the end of the month. Although I'm hoping to go to have the opportunity to work with some new makers, if I don't find a good fit, I'll make use of the time to move Laravel Startup forward even more rapidly.

If you are in the area (or even if you are not) and have an idea you that you want to work on, Start Weekends are a great way to make progress in a short amount of time. We may even get a chance to work together on it! 😁