Recap 003

Delays but progress

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Mubashar Iqbal
Feb 11, 2019

I had hoped to get a recap out sooner, but a busy work schedule and a water leak in the bsaement has delayed things.

The water leak has put my home office out of commission for a while, so I'll be returning to blog format for the updates for a while.

No new episodes in the Tools of the Trade podcast, but will return once my schedule and office situation allows.


Since the last update I have redesigned the ICYMI marketing page and refreshed the copy to better explain the value propesition.

Update homepage design

While I'm going to continue to use ICYMI on a daily basis, and continue to make improvements to the software, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on marketing the service.

ICYMI falls outside the focus area I have identified for myself this year.

Tribe Help

I have completed the development of Tribe Help. In the next couple of weeks I will move it into alpha and starting using the service.

More details to come, perahps even an invite for some folks.

Laravel Startup

I have started work on the first phase of Laravel Startup project.

Practical API is a new book/course that will guides readers through effectively using popular APIs to build your MVP even faster with real-word examples in Laravel.

Just getting started here, but I expect to have a website with more details available by the end of the week.

I Worked On

A few people have asked for invites, and I'm slowly sending those out, and working on updates based on the feedback.

Probably still a while before this is publicly available for signup.

Follow Team

In a little bit of a surprise, even to myself, I decided to buid a little side project, which should officialy launch this week.

Follow Team is an idea that I've been thinking about for a while, and finally deccided to build it.

Follow Team is a directory of teams on that are active on Twitter. When I find a new product of Startup I like to follow them for updates. Other than finding the official Twitter account, this is usually difficult. Follow team hopes to make this much easier.

You may have already seen a couple of posts where I'm looking for suggestions of Teams that people would like to follow, feel free to send them my way.

Official launch post coming soon.

That's all for now, you're all caught up.

Will be updating my goals which will focus on launching FollowTeam and making progress on Practical API.