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Mubashar Iqbal
Apr 15, 2019

The story of Filtered starts in January...after another winter storm hit Upstate New York, I sent a tweet (in jest) offering to build someone an MVP if they would fly me to the west coast, to warmer weather.

A few people responded, one of those was Hiten Shah. I've followed Hiten's work for a long time, so was intrigued with the idea of working with him on a product.

I talked with Hiten about his idea and we decided to move forward with the project.

Hiten has a blog and weekly newsletter called Product Habits. He was having a hard time curating content to share and an idea for a tool to streamline the process for him and his team.

After a few weeks of development we had an working application that could be used to quickly and easily curate content from different sources: Website RSS Feeds, Medium and Twitter.

We launched Product News on Product Hunt in early March. It received over 600 votes (currently approaching 800) and finished the #2 Product of the day.

As I talked with people about what I had built for Hiten, they expressed an interest in being able to use the application to curate content for their own needs.

The seed was planted for turning the software into something others could use to curate content for their own website or newsletters.

I decided to sit on the idea for a short time to see if their really a demand for it.

At the end of March I attended a Startup Weeekend in Troy, although I went with no plan, I ended up working on what would become Filtered.

Over the 54 hours of the Startup Weekend, I explored the idea further, having discussions with potential users and building a multi-tenant saas application to allow people to start curating content in a matter of minutes.

I called the application simply Curate, and used the domain.

Shortly after announcing the product on my Twitter, I was contacted by the team behind, who politely asked me to change the name. Since I was busy at a hackathon I decided to use the name CurateFYI to minimize any potential confusion, until after the weekend, and then would revisit the name afterwards. They were fine with that.

Although CurateFYI didn't win the Startup Weekend, the 54 hours allowed to make real progress. I was able to get real users into the application to start curating content and providing real feed.

Since the startup weekend, I've had a chance to revisit the name...Curate is now Filtered, a name I really like. Although there are couple of companies out there using the Filtered name, none are related to content curation, so I think I'm safe using that name.

I'm continuing to add features and will start doing more sales & marketing once I'm closer to what I think is feature complete.

Since I'm a fan of dogfooding software, I'm using Filtered to power the news section of MCU Movies. This has helped me identify lots of things I want to improve.

Filtered is a product that I can see myself working on for years, the possibilities seem endless, and the product and market are ones that fit me very well.